Thursday, October 31, 2013

52 : 34 (part 2)

This last Saturday we had a wonderful family date planned - a drive on the coast, a late lunch at a brewery in Pescadero, and then s'mores at the Ritz in Half Moon Bay. All was going well until we were just about to pull in to the Ritz and Ewan, who was in a great mood, projectile vomited. This we took as a sign to go home, take his temperature (totally normal), and put him in the bath. One quick move and he jammed the thermometer in his ear, which began to bleed. The advice nurse told us to head to the hospital so we did. Turns out Ewan's eardrum is 100% ok, just a little cut in the  ear canal, thank goodness, but the waiting room was interesting and mama ended up with vomit in her hair, down her neck, and on her sweater (and about 24 hours later the stomach bug, that also took daddy down 12 hours later). It was also all over Ewan, but in the pediatric waiting room they have little people scrubs. If Ewan decides to become a doctor I am putting this picture in his office!

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