Thursday, October 10, 2013

52 : 31 (part 2)

19 months comes with bumps and bruises associated with climbing and exploring. This month Ewan's incident reports from school have been on the rise... one for trying to crawl through a cubby to get to the big kids' playground (he scratched his head) and another for diving to get a red ball before anyone else could get it (bloody nose). Incident reports do not mean he is in trouble, just that he was injured in someway, but we feel the need for discipline increasing. Ewan is very receptive to "no" and "sit on your bottom" when re-direction is needed, we can feel the big 2 coming faster everyday, but we are hopeful our well intentioned and loving boy will remain intact.

EP's Official 19 Month Photo - Taken October 14, 2013

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