Thursday, April 11, 2013

52 : 5 (part 2)

13 months old! Ewan has been doing lots of eating, sleeping, and growing. He is still a little love and hugs and kisses everyone and everything, including his pirate bath toy and his doggy Barley. He greets the babies at school with hugs and kisses the air when big kids pass by too quickly for a snuggle.

I am doing some work travel now and have to admit the entire time I am gone I dream of getting home to my boys, and I ache to cuddle with Ewan and smell his warm baby scent. Cuddling is harder as his limbs get longer, but he manipulates his little body in to the perfect lump, putting his head on my shoulder and balling his little legs up against my belly.

Our 13 month old Ewan boy fits comfortably in 2 year old clothes and is in need of some bigger socks!

EP's 13 Month Photo

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