Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Robot Party for You-You

We wanted to host a simple birthday party for Ewan's first, the guest list was brief, but I did get a little lost in all the details. We did a Robot theme with royal blue and a lime green.

Our birthday boy was napping when his guests arrived, but eventually woke from his slumber and was very surprised to have so many people waiting to celebrate him. He eventually came out of the nap fog and had a great time, especially playing bubbles with cousin D.

And then it was time for cake, and one major lesson learned after the big O-N-E is that this boy loves cake, especially chocolate cake... and chocolate cake brings out the blue in his eyes!

Post cake clean up, literally done with a hose, we got Ewan dressed and took a quick family picture. We then got all of the donations we gathered at his party together for drop-off at Lucille Packard Children's Hospital, a small gesture to children working through health matters at the hospital where Ewan was born. 

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