Friday, March 8, 2013

A letter to my son on this the day of his first birthday...

Dear Ewan,

This is a tradition that I hope to start today and continue with for every single one of your birthdays. Part of the fun of you being so new is that we get to do that, we get to create traditions with you and build the memories that will take us all through the years --- your dad and I will reminisce in our old years and you will have these for your middle years when you build your own life and family.

Ewan I never could have expected the joy, the love, and the fear you would bring in to our world. From that first day when you took that first breath on the outside I have listened to you breath with such hope and longing, and so many times I have confirmed you were still taking those breaths even though I had no real reason to worry. Watching you grow and thrive has been more rewarding than anything I have ever done. The joy you have allowed your dad and I individually is immeasurable, and the love that has taken over our partnership and our family truly feels unbreakable.

When we knew we were expecting a boy so many people said boys love their mama's, but I am proud to say you are daddy's guy. Watching the two of you rough house and hearing your songs and chatter in the other room have allowed me such a calm, one I couldn't have fathomed. Sure you love your mama when you need quiet snuggles, but no one gets you giggling like your dad. Seeing your smile, hearing your laughter and banter, watching you gain mobility and explore, and seeing you develop this past year has been amazing and we look forward to every milestone to come.

Ewan boy, EP, You-You, my lovey bug there is no other kid like you in the world and we are so proud to call you our son and to celebrate this birthday with you! Today we will eat banana pancakes, go to the SF Zoo (thank you Grampy for the membership), and have cake in your honor --- and post bedtime the adults may have some bubbly to commemorate the fact that we all survived your first year.

Love & Knuckles,

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