Saturday, September 8, 2012

A minute...

In my life I have never marked a specific minute with any value. I don't know what minute K and I became husband and wife, I don't even remember what time our wedding was. I don't know when we had our first kiss, or when he proposed. And thinking about it, I don't even know what minute I was born. But the time 3:33pm, or as my dad would say 15:33, is forever burned in my brain and elicits an emotional response if I see it on a clock.

Six months ago today at 3:33pm (the minute this posts) Ewan joined us in this world and everyday since I have loved him so much it hurts... I read this phrase on a blog and it just made such sense to me.

In honor of 6 months we are doing what we do, celebrating! We will take a ton of pictures, head to Ewan's first official swim lesson, he will wow at his first wedding, and then tomorrow we are off to the ballpark for his first Dodgers game!

We are so grateful to have you baby boy, you make us better.

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