Tuesday, September 18, 2012

52 : 28

I am not going to lie. It has been a hard week. My company's annual conference is taking place and with over 45,000 customers expected it is definitely all hands on deck, which means 14+ hour days for mama and a hotel room in San Francisco because the risk of falling asleep while driving is just to great and the only hours I would be home would include my family sleeping and me watching the clock and the BlackBerry.

We discussed the boys staying in the hotel with me, but decided that between the dogs and the fact that I would only be there when they would be sleeping it would disrupt them greatly and comfort me minimally, you know with the mom guilt and all.

So a few kisses while passing off Ewan's milk is what we had to resign ourselves to, but I anticipate a sweet weekend with warm baby cuddly naps and sweet play sessions with my 2 favorites.

Kevin has been texting me updates to keep my spirits up, including this week's picture. Wednesday was curriculum night at "school" and the polliwogs did a painting activity.

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