Thursday, March 22, 2012

52 : 2

Today EP is 2 weeks old! Everyday he seems a little bigger, although technically speaking he is not. We feel like we learn something new about Ewan everyday and that we get a little better at this thing called parenting.

For those of you that know Kevin you may know he is a singer, he comes by it honestly, his "Crazy Grammy" was a singer, which is how she came by her moniker --- of course a woman who wanders around singing all the time would seem crazy to a 6 year old, but now he understands. Kevin has a song for everything, and really who could argue that singing an original tune about doing the dishes would not make it more fun.

Shortly after EP came home I heard some humming, and then the tune had words. While rocking/walking Ewan I caught Kevin singing, "bumpy ride, bumpy ride, going for a bumpy ride." These simple lyrics are sung over and over again while (you guessed it) Kevin bounces/rocks the baby.

Kevin has spent 7.5 years melting my heart, Ewan has spent 2 weeks doing the same, and the two of them together with a round of "bumpy ride" is just too much to take.

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  1. That is more sweetness than I can handle, oh my gosh. And I had no idea K was a singer! I want a serenade next visit!