Thursday, March 15, 2012

52 : 1

Project 52 is common place on many of the blogs I follow. Those of you that are not familiar with this concept it is the posting of one picture a week for the entirety of the year, 52 weeks. The image can be anything that the writer wants and most folks spend some time detailing why they chose the particular image. Project 52 is something that I have been wanting to participate in, but never really felt that the week to week in my life was that exciting, and I envisioned post after post of puppy pictures --- Then March 8th came and now I feel I have an exciting enough subject for Project 52, my son Ewan Porter. Instead of chronicling the weeks of the year I am going to track each week of his year. This will be a good memory mechanism for our family, and will likely be put in to a baby book of sorts in time. Also, with family near and far I figured this would help everyone watch him grow.

And with out further ado, entry 52 : 1 - 

This face, this face is my inspiration. I spent years imagining this face, the 36 weeks I knew I was pregnant hoping for a healthy pregnancy so I could meet this face, and the 21 weeks I knew I was having a boy dreaming that I would have a son that would look like, act like, and love like my amazing husband. When I start to feel the pains of healing that my body is experiencing, or getting overwhelmed with the emotions of things, I look at this face and nothing else exists.


  1. Beautiful boy. Beautiful post. Beautiful you. I will look forward to witnessing the 52 journey. xo

  2. Beautiful words to go with such a beautiful guy. I cannot wait to follow your journey, online and in person.

  3. So sweet! Ewan is a lucky boy to be so very loved!