Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Darby 16/52 v6

Darby -

You started kindergarten today and I don’t know that there has ever been a girl more ready. All summer you’ve been in camp with Ewan counting down the days and then today it was finally time to put on your pink and purple cheetah backpack and take on Highlands Elementary.

At kinder orientation yesterday you realized a bunch of your preschool friends are in your class, and that you have Mrs. Radsliff in the same classroom brother was in, and any nerves you had were gone immediately. And then this morning you hung your backpack on your hook, lined up behind your classmates, and marched on in without looking back... Mrs. Radsliff said, “it’s like she’s been here a month!”

When Ewan started Kindergarten we thought everything would be good but didn’t realize all the adjusting we would do as parents - we didn’t know what a Thursday envelope was or the expectations around phonics or where the lost and found was. With you we know all the things and your teacher, and can just enjoy watching you flourish.

The note I snuck in your lunchbox wished you a day as magical as you are... I hope the entire year is magic and that your new world embraces all that you have to offer it and encourages you to be what we know is quintessentially Darby; you are smart, kind, hilarious, and authentic - and we are just so proud.

All my love,

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