Tuesday, April 24, 2018

A Letter to Darby on Her 4th Birthday!

Darby -

The photo with this note may be my new favorite, it represents 4 year old you so beautifully - I just want to kiss those cheekies. 

You turned this corner of sweetness a month or so ago that is simply the cutest, maybe it was when you realized your birthday was coming up and you wanted to reinvent yourself for the big FOUR! For awhile there you were a bit of an emotional terrorist, but we knew (hoped and prayed) that it was a phase, the threenager in you wasn't quite ready to vacate. You now stop doing things when we ask, hug when we ask, kiss when we ask, and say your thank yous with such genuine gratitude that even people that do not know you are overwhelmed by the sweetness. We hope this continues, but no matter what phase is next we love watching you grow little love.

You are enjoying a stint at a new preschool while we wait for your new fancy school's year to start but you have not missed a beat, you can make yourself comfortable anywhere and seem to be surrounded by friends almost instantly... this doesn't just happen at school either, at the grocery and Starbucks the story is the same. We are not sure where the extrovert gene comes from, but we love seeing it serve you so well. Some days you seem fine and then I wake up to you staring at me in the night and asking for a cuddle, it is the only indication that we ever have that something may be stressing you, but it always seems to pass quickly and in the moment we typically (95% of the time) take full advantage of the smoochy squeezes.

Your 5th year will include that new school, more dance, some sports, lot's of learning, and many other adventures. Keep growing, keep learning, keep on keeping us guessing... keep being you, lady!

Love you big time,

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