Thursday, September 15, 2016

52 : 28 (part 5)

Dear You-You,

You are the sweetest kid in town. Some people talk badly about 4, but we are loving it. You are creative and curious, you are loving and independent, you know what you want and we are your biggest fans. This year you have really started to come in to your own and while you seem more and more ready for kindergarten it is so impossible to think that at this time next year you will be there.

You like to measure how strong you are so I know that you weigh 51.4 lbs today and that you think you will be Daddy's size in a couple years. Your favorite pastimes right now are art and playing Ghostbusters. You are convinced you will be a Ghostbuster when you grow up and watch the live-action movies, and the cartoons, as often as we will allow. You sustain yourself on milk, pizza, cheesy noodles, and yogurt, but do make the odd request for fish since we went to Mexico.

By the time you turn 5 you will have at least 1 more stamp in your passport and are sure to have asked a million more questions... we want to take you everywhere and teach you everything Bud.

I ain't afraid of no ghosts,

EP - 4.5!

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