Thursday, March 10, 2016

52 : 1 (part 5)

While this will surely be a redundant post to one we do for Ewan's birthday it is definitely justified given the immense highlight that this experience was for Ewan during his first week of his fifth year... the experience of being trained as a Jedi that is. The requirement is that you be 4 to participate, and we cheated a little bit by taking him the day before his birthday, but when they asked him his age he did not skip a beat (we had not prepped him), he threw his hand up and said "4!" He then proceeded to orientation, got his robe, meet new friends, and ultimately performed in the center of Tomorrowland in front of tons of people for about 30-minutes. Ewan was so adorable, so engaged, and we were just SO proud of him!

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