Thursday, November 26, 2015

52 : 38 (part 4)

Not many kids get to spend Thanksgiving in paradise, but this year ours do as we escape the carousel of life and celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary. Ewan has been anticipating this trip for months and did not believe us that the Caribbean would be as cool as Hawaii (he now does). Ewan enjoyed 4 days in St. Thomas with us + Grampy (who we convinced him had a new job as a pirate) and Jamie, and then 4 more days in St. John with just us. Ewan loved the swimming, the smoothies, and the hole digging. In this week's picture he and his dad are digging on the beach in St. John, many kids walked by and complimented how deep their hole was! Another highlight was the swim up movie at the Westin, they had a huge blow up screen and showed "Rio" while we swam, so cool!

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