Thursday, October 29, 2015

Darby 27/52 v2

Dear Dee-Dee,

1.5 going on 15! They say that at this age real personality starts coming through and while you have always had a lot we are definitely seeing more and more of you everyday as you become more communicative.

Lady, you keep us on our toes! You are opinionated, fearless, excited, smart, and fun regularly. You have occasional bouts of anger ALWAYS due to being hungry or tired... both at the same time is a real treat. You have more words all the time and shout "HI" the second you see us no matter the circumstances. If we ask you a question, like do you want water, you shout "YEAH" like a crazy baby, but if the answer is no we get a quieter, while more aggressive, grunt of a "NO!" You have a truly amazing side-eye and will cover your face like you can't see us when we want to annoy you with things like hair brushing. Speaking of, your curls are getting tighter and tighter and we pledge to keep them as long as we possibly can!

When you went to see your pediatrician he was excited that you use 2-word phrases, like "I poo" and promised us it is completely normal that you are showing interest (and frustration at your inability) in peeing standing up like you watch your brother do. You continue to be in the 90th percentile on everything and measured 33.5 inches tall and weighed just shy of 28 pounds. He was also happy that you are feeding yourself with a spoon and a fork, and expressed his condolences that we are no longer allowed to feed you.

You are a phenomenal girl and the world better watch out. I am calling it now... come election day 2064 Darby Moira for President!


Darby Moira - 1.5 Years!

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