Thursday, August 27, 2015

Darby 18/52 v2

Dear Darby -

Are you tired? We are tired! You are demanding, but fun, cranky, but cute, and hangry, but sweet. As a 16 month old you seem to have a witching hour, something you never had as an infant - from 6:00 to 7:00pm you are exhausted from all the fun you had at school, hungry in a way that makes it seem like you haven't seen food in days, and in need of some distraction free cuddles. When we explain your evening attitude to your teachers it almost seems as though they do not believe us, "oh no, not at all she is a doll for us" - for us you are more like Chucky.

Do I sound grumpy? I promise I am not, I am just so TIRED! You sleep like a dream most nights, are more and more communicative, which is helping with the grumpy periods, and are always easy to laugh when your brother is nearby. You two are definitely exploring the world of rougher play, which makes Mama and Daddy cringe, but you have so much fun and thus far are pretty unfazed from your few close call falls. We warn Ewan that if he is not nice to you one day you will kick his butt and you most certainly seem to be up to the challenge. The good thing is that you are his soft spot and the reverse seems to be true as well... we dream that when you are old you will still be best friends because the two of you have a beautiful yin and yang thing going on.

You are very smart and seem to be connecting things in your environment unlike other babies your age, while adding words and quick phrases to your vocabulary, like "i-do-it" all run together, which I think was also your brother's favorite phrase around this age. Your teacher and I agree that your babbles are still the best, but hearing your words is so fun. You like to dive in for kisses with your mouth wide open and your tongue way out... and the other afternoon you saw me and Daddy kissing across the room and started making smooching noises, already mocking us we determined. Your sign language is all food focused, not surprising as snacking is your favorite pastime - you sign more, milk, all done, and please (used frequently to beg for more berries). I would say your current favorite snack is cheese, which you can say and find in the fridge drawer. The quickest way to know if you like someone is to see if you share snacks with them, if you do, they are golden.

Not that I need to tell you this lady, but keep on keeping it real!


Darby Moira - 16 months

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