Thursday, June 18, 2015

52 : 15 (part 4)

This week mama was in NY for work so a FaceTime date was in order. At 3 Ewan definitely misses me, but is a lot more rational about my return... because it often includes a present.

During this trip it was announced that FAO Schwartz was closing in mid-July so I swung by for a few mementos (when I was pregnant with Ewan I bought him his first stuffed animal at that store). Ewan had specifically requested a "loud cheetah" so I went in hunt of that and settled on an awesome cheetah stuffed animal that I decided Kevin could make loud. Upon seeing it Ewan immediately named it Camo, as in camouflage, because he had just learned on his current favorite show "Wild Kratts" that a cheetah's fur pattern is camouflage, which allows it to hide. This was the first time we saw him name a toy so logically and we were VERY proud, and impressed.

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