Thursday, December 25, 2014

Darby 35/52

An 8 month Darby is 20 pounds 4 ounces and 27.5 inches. She picks food up, her own and her friends, and puts it in her mouth. She crawls at an amazingly quick pace and cruises from couch, to coffee table, to chair, to a parent's leg with out so much as pausing. She is deeply loved by her family, especially her brother, and is a super strong chick when he is a little too rough. From everything we can tell she is busily devising her plan to kick his butt the minute she is able. Her teachers think she will walk by 9 months, but Mama is in denial, and will only accept 10 as an option... we shall see. Today she celebrated her first Christmas, while she did not love Santa when she met him, she did adore the holiday - she received a crawling tunnel from Santa and loved ripping the paper from each of her gifts.

Darby Moira - 8 Months

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