Thursday, September 11, 2014

52 : 27 (part 3)

Sweet Ewan,

You are two and a half now, or two point five as your Daddy taught you. This is a fun age buggy, you sure know how to push our buttons and crack us up all at once. 

We are still predicting you will be an engineer of some sort, your favorite activity is building castles with magnatiles. You amaze us with your understanding of the different triangles and how you can fit them together to make "stop signs" and "spiky roofs" for your structures.

Your imagination is growing more vivid everyday and you now ask for original stories at bedtime instead of our go to songs. Bedtime is one of the sweetest times with you, you are in a fighting sleep phase but you are so tired from playing hard that it only takes a few minutes until your warm body is breathing the rhythm of sleep and we can't help but be lulled to sleep as well. You don't need us to fall asleep, but it is honestly the only time you are still and we can steal cuddles. 

Ewan boy you have the sweetest soul and frequently stop to kiss our arms, our hands, our knees... Whatever you can reach to show your love. When we ask for kisses you wander up and put your hands on our cheeks and offer big smooches. Your love makes any day better and we are so grateful to have it. 

We dread the day your sweetness is tarnished by this world Ewan, if only we could protect you from that inevitable fact. This world is lucky to have a boy like you and so are we. 

Knuckles - Blow It Up,

Ewan Porter - 2 Years 7 Months

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