Thursday, August 14, 2014

52 : 23 (part 3)

3 years and 5 months and he has his first sutures... which are evidently done with glue these days. Running to the front door in excitement to go out to dinner Ewan tripped over his own feet and hit his forehead on the edge of the wall, if you look closely at this week's photo you can see the tape under his bangs. His Daddy ran to his side just in time for the Monty Python blood spurting and we quickly headed to the ER. Ewan was a major champ and quickly became a pro at Angry Birds as the nurse gave him a hospital iPad to play with. Daddy was with Darby, as an infant in the ER is not a good idea, and he quickly procured a chocolate cupcake for our boy, who fell asleep in bed with Mama watching Toy Story 3 that night, he was fine, but Mama needed the cuddles.

Ewan has become an amazing conversationalist and so we want to commemorate some of our conversations here. At a traffic signal Ewan said to Mama, "it green now mama, you go." When Ewan decided he wanted milk he said, "need milk, Mama do it." When getting dressed in the morning Ewan told Daddy, "No pants, Ewan like nakie." He sings along with songs, makes up his own tunes, and generally keeps us entertained and on our toes.

Ewan Porter - 2 Years 5 Months

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