Thursday, February 13, 2014

52 : 49 (part 2)

Just 1 more month of a 1 year old Ewan... 1 year old Ewan that wears 3Ts, communicates more and more clearly everyday, and knows what he wants. At school Ewan is loving outside time --- specifically the slide, the sandbox, and the sidewalk chalk! We get frequent "incident" calls of bruises and bonks that are luckily not too intense, but I do wish I could save the voicemail files to remember updates like this --- "Ewan was driving one of the red cars around the backyard and randomly flung the door open and dove and rolled on to the ground in front of a friend driving another car." Kevin took this as a sign that Ewan is bound to be a race car or stunt driver and his yells of "wow Daddy wow" as K takes corners quickly in our car seem to offer a similar indication.

EP's 23 Month Photo

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