Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Baby Big Mac - A Letter at 20 Weeks

December 10, 2013

Hello Little Lady,

We can now confirm you are just that, a girl, according to the ultrasound technician and the radiologist at your 19 week anatomy scan anyway --- thankfully everything else looked wonderful as well. Truth be told at your 12 week ultrasound another ultrasound tech and radiologist told us they were 85% sure you were a girl, but we wanted to keep that to ourselves until we were more sure and selfishly we wanted you to be all ours for awhile, which is why we didn't tell anyone you were in the oven until I was 14 weeks pregnant and into my second trimester, with your brother we told at 12 weeks. 

This pregnancy has been rougher, morning sickness and a stomach bug your big bro brought home, but also so sweet. You kicked early for us and are so active you keep me on my toes enjoying every last flutter and bounce. Two kids is our current plan so I am enjoying every bit of this, soaking you in and savoring every moment, no one but me gets this time with you. I know that you will be here so quickly and while many women gripe about pregnancy I think it is the most awe inspiring and intimate thing anyone can experience. What my body is doing right now, growing you, is something I will always appreciate it for!

When we tell people you are a girl we get a mix of responses, most people expect me to be so happy and tell your Daddy he is doomed to be wrapped around your finger. While I am excited I would have been happy either way, but tutus are catching my eye more and more. And your Dad, well your Dad knows he is doomed and in his silent loving way I know he is a little scared, a lot excited, and already planning how he and Ewan will protect you. 

And on this train of thought I have already talked to your Daddy about protecting you from me a little. While I will no doubt love and adore you I know I will also be hard on you... Probably no harder than I will be on Ewan, just in a different way. I will encourage you both to work hard, use your heads, be good people, and guide you as much as I can to find your happiness and take it. But with you, my sweet little lady, I will encourage you to keep the momentum going that my generation has pushed and those before us created --- a momentum that says you are just as smart, strong, capable, and determined as the boys next to you. You don't need to be the president, unless that is what you want, but you need to decide what you want and earn it, no matter who tells you that you can't. This will be a constant conversation in your life, and while hopefully encouraging you we will also teach Ewan to respect women and all that they can do --- I hope for you guys that people will be gender, color, sexuality blind, but if not you will help the charge to get this country and world there, knowing people are people and love is love. 

To sum it all up my love, be the hero of your own story and show this world who is boss! 

Love and Anticipation,
Your Mama

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