Thursday, August 8, 2013

52 : 22 (part 2)

17 months! Like I say every month this one is even better :) Ewan is loving and communicative, showing us what he wants, and having an opinion if he doesn't get it. We have even more words, it is difficult to keep count now: ball, bubbles, dog, banana... This last weekend we took Ewan to play with a 2 year old friend and a 4 year old friend, and he was in HEAVEN. The four year old boy was his fast running hero, and he was the 2 year old girl's shadow. While Ewan is with friends at school everyday, and swimming pals on Saturday, it was so nice to enjoy a lovely outdoor dinner with children playing on the lawn. At this point Ewan is really transitioning from parallel play to interacting with pals and it is awesome to watch.

It seems that Ewan is growing again, he is eating and sleeping like crazy... and he honestly seems bigger every morning. He is on the verge of outgrowing all of his current shoes and we have started buying 3T clothes, because what is the point of buying 2Ts when the delta on the sizing chart is 3 pounds, and he is already longer than the 2T prescribes? The betting has begun on what Ewan's 18 month measurements will be and I am playfully planning a 1.5 year birthday party in my head!

EP's Official 17 Month Photo - Taken August 8, 2013

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  1. No point in buying 2T, he will outfrow 3T by his second birthday anyways! Big boy!