Thursday, July 11, 2013

52 :18 (part 2)

16 month old Ewan is fun and feisty and full of love. He now prefers the running hug attack. He is full of laughs and enjoys blowing raspberries pretty constantly. Sleep is still about 11 hours straight a night and naps range between 2 and 4 depending on the day. Bumps, scrapes, and bruises are still a reality as evidenced on his forehead in this month's picture. This week we marked 1 year of daycare with cupcakes and a thank you card to Ewan's teachers, we are so lucky that Ewan's school has been such an amazing fit for our family and watching him interact with all the kids is amazing, and everyday as he hugs his pals hello and goodbye I know our arrangement is truly ideal for his growth. Communication increases everyday and we are constantly amazed by how much he understands and how he interacts with us. Ewan's favorite allies remain Barley and Coco who he looks for shouting "baa-baa" and "cocoo"and he has truly begun to embrace the dinner scrap bribery, which he utilizes to secure toe licks!

EP's Official 16 Month Picture - Taken July 8th, 2013

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