Thursday, June 13, 2013

52 : 14 (part 2)

15 month old Ewan weighs 30 pounds 13.7 ounces (98%) and measures 34.5 inches (99.5%). Needless to say Dr. Fong was very impressed and pointed out that in a room with 200 babies Ewan would be the tallest.

I have been horrible about keeping track of Ewan's words here, but according to the doc he is well beyond the vocabulary of an 18 month old, here are the words we have --- mama, dada, ball, dog, baby, coco, barley, what, yeah, uh-oh, hi, bye, and bob-bob. His lack of stranger anxiety and immense cooperation is also notable and evidently unusual at this age. With 14 teeth we are ahead of the teething game and Ewan's love of whole milk, yogurt, and cheese is evidently completely ok, and the fact that he uses forks to pierce food and eat it is again an 18 month old skill. 

On the home front 15 months has meant bruises on the forehead and fat lips, which we were ensured will continue. Tantrums are non-existent at this point, but they may be on their way, here is to hoping they aren't.

EP's Official 15 Month Photo - Taken June 9, 2013

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