Thursday, February 28, 2013

52 : 51

This week I was in NY for work and had this underlying fear that Ewan would walk while I was away. Every night when I spoke with K I asked if he had done it, and was reassured he hadn't. When I arrived home on Wednesday K decided to cut his day in the office short, don't be fooled he worked well in to the night from home, and bring Ewan home so I could spend some quality time with him. Within 90 minutes of my arrival home we were playing and K walked into the room, Ewan turned to him and took his first step! Along with that when playing I noticed his first molar, the top left, had broken through. While Ewan's first teeth were a disaster his 7th and 8th popped through with out us even noticing! Just 1 more week of "baby" in this house.

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