Thursday, January 31, 2013

52 : 47

In just 5 more weeks our boy will be 1! Seems impossible, but everyday we see him grow and learn. His big accomplishment this week is saying "buh-bye" with the perfect waive of his chubby wrist at the perfect time of departure. He definitely gets what he is saying, and even Kevin melts a bit when Ewan shows off this new skill.

In all he says mama, daddy, coco, what, and bye bye. He also loves to look at pictures of our family, and when we say "where is Daddy?" He points right at K in the picture. He can identify daddy, mommy and the dogs, but those two are a little interchangeable at this point, and we don't blame him for that, their outfits always match. Yesterday when asked "where is mama?" He pointed and appeared to say "there", but further validation is required before we consider that his 6th word :)

This week's picture is of Ewan playing this morning as mama got ready for work, daddy had an early meeting so we were on our own! Trying to get Ewan to wave bye bye to the camera was impossible as he only does it if you are actually leaving!

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