Thursday, November 29, 2012

52 : 38

Christmas preparations are in full swing! The boys found the perfect tree and chopped it down. Ewan and I watched Home Alone for the first of hundreds of times, we really were enjoying ourselves. Ewan hung his first ornament, a special 1st Christmas ornament from his Grammie McD.

We also hung all the decorations outside, which included Kevin talking to us from the roof and Ewan laughing hysterically from his carrier on my hip!

Some of our indoor decorations did not make the cut because of the crawling/cruising baby of the house, but we are more merry than ever before and can't wait to create these memories and traditions with our son.


  1. I love it! We are going to town this weekend, yay! I can't wait. I need to finish knitting my stocking...and now another stocking! We have Curious' George's Christmas ready for viewing and I just ordered Yogi's First Christmas (a classic!) from Amazon. I need to add Home Alone to the mix.

    1. I resisted all the Christmas DVDs at the grocery last weekend, but it was very difficult... me and amazon will have to have a date soon. Between holiday movies and books it is going to be a problem! I need to get going on Ewan's stocking!