Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Festivities

We are not Halloween people, but having a kid in the house now we know we have to celebrate for him. Our goal is to allow him to enjoy the holiday without creating a teenager that trick-or-treats in a hoodie and calls it a costume. There were multiple occasions in October for celebrating all things pumpkin.

Half Moon Bay Pumpkin & Art Festival - A day of wandering crafts booths, drinking beer, visiting my favorite yarn store, and people watching.

The Pumpkin Patch in Napa - This is sure to be an annual trip. We enjoyed lunch at Bistro Jeanty in Yountville, a trip to Provenance winery, and then the pumpkin patch.

Imagination Day Parade - Ewan's school coordinates a parade on Halloween. Each classroom has a theme and the polliwogs (less than 1 year) were a rockband, with all the babies dressing as rockstars. For the occasion I made Ewan a studded collar out of puff paint and felt, and a designer ripped up muscle tee, green on top and black below. He made his guitar in class, he really rocked that axe.

Trick or Treating - For Ewan's inaugural trick-or-treating expedition we dressed him as a robot, like his favorite toys Roger, Roy, and Robbie. We visited the house across the street and Ewan got his first treat for dazzling our neighbor with his smiles, a tootsie roll pop!

And we finished off the celebration with story time...

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  1. your sweet family is AWESOME. Well done Peri and Kevin!