Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Project People - Kitchen

The kitchen was one of the rooms that the previous inhabitants of our home did redo, in the late seventies. We considered saving the old yellow appliances for posterity, but that just did not work out. There are many reasons why Peri is lucky to have found Kevin, and how handy he is is just one of them. He literally did all of the work required to redo our house, including the rewiring that took us from a 4 fuse box to a modern day electrical system. The only work he did not do was raising the roof and installing the heater/ac, we felt compelled to pay for these updates. 

Here are the before pictures:

The during...

And the after...

We removed a window so we would have space for double ovens = love. The 6 burner professional range was also a must. For the colors we went basic browns and beiges so that we could update the drapes and accents on a whim; the current flavor is lime green, yellow, and teal. 

The kitchen is a favorite spot as cooking and baking are a major part of our bond... +PLUS we got engaged in this kitchen shortly after it was completed. 

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  1. Being in your kitchen makes me so, so happy. SO happy.