Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012

For the 3rd year in a row we are looking at the new year as another chance to update our website, or I (Peri) am and Kevin is supporting me in my efforts. We typically start every year, with a list of things we want to accomplish. Our goals for the year ahead are a constant measure for us as we check back frequently to ensure we are on track individually and together. Our list this year is a bit shorter, we usually have about a dozen goals, this year we have 3!

1. For Kevin to finish his last bit of work to complete his candidancy as a CPA in California, a goal he has been working to for a few years... he will never do taxes as his profession, but feels this expertise will assist him on his career path.

2. To welcome our baby boy in to the world (circa March 1st) in the healthiest, safest, and happiest way possible... people seem to be curious about out birth plan, this is it!

3.  To be the best parents and family we can be. We have heard a lot of I guess you won't go on vacation anymore, or I guess you won't eat in nice restaurants anymore, or I guess you won't do all those fun things anymore --- We choose to believe that we will continue to do these things as a family so our child will know vacations and restaurants and fun!

Our goals this year are short, sweet and too the point, but as we begin this new year with this new adventure on the horizon these are the only things that matter to this McDonald clan this year.

We wish everyone a happy and healthy 2012!

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  1. Here I am commenting 2 months later, but with respect to number 3, you can totally do all those fun things still! It will be different, of course, but if anybody can pull it off with style, its the fierce P&K&E trio!